My Photo Albums





Professional Events

Parties and Events

“Before” pics of my house

Vladimir and Buddy

My Commissioning & MP School

Shop Floor and Car Lift Install

CERT Training

TESC Gala 5NOV06

“After” Pics of my house

Misc pics of my Pets

AT in AZ 2007

My Trucks


Snow Storm 6 Dec 06

Fixing the Drain Pipe


Misc Army Pics

Coup Demolition


Halloween Party ‘05

Creating a 2nd Apartment

Pooch Parade 2009

OCS Class 48

Creating the New Shop


2nd 30th b’day party

Misc Shop Pics

Wild Baby Rabbit


Navigational Buoys


4th 30th b’day party

My old house



Homemade Sniper Rifle


Paul’s Party 2000




Raymond Order Picker






Storehouse Building





Space Available


Crazy  Things

Motorcycle Stuff

Blue Marsh Recovery ‘07

Dry Suit Class ‘06


Italy ‘02

50lbs Burger

Adding an Ipod to my Harley

Bound Brook Floods ‘07

BTS ‘07


Iraq Trip Photos

Mt. Biking

IOM 2003

Unit Trucks

Delaware Train ‘07


Judge’s Picnic ‘02

Stone Living Room

IOM 2004

Delaware Flood Damage ‘07

Dutch Springs ‘07


Lake Nokamixion ‘02

Various Photos

IOM 2005

Ice Rescue Class ‘07

Drying Rack


Mexico Pics ‘06

WDC Pics

IOM 2006

Holiday Party ‘06

Amphibian pics


Ocean City ‘03


Misc Digest Pics

NY Life Search ‘07

Round Valley ‘07


Ocean City ‘04



Parking/Parade ‘07

Sandy Hook Dive ‘07


Ocean City ‘05


Hoodlum Wedding ‘04

Philly Recovery ’07





Matheny School

Pool Drills ‘07





Patriot Riders

Spruce Run Triathlon ‘06





Ride to Camp Smith

Touch a Truck ’06 & ‘07





Misc MC Rides

Command Trailer






Building Dedication ‘06






Misc Pics







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