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I will maintain this page so that good dealers get recoized and the dealers that have bad business practice get what they deserve!

Note: I have a very strong feeling that the days of the Harley Fad are quickly coming to an end. Hopefully all dealers will realized this soon and remember that the customers are what they are there for.

Please use this information wisely.

Dealer:Harley-Davidson of Trenton State:NJ Overall rating:Thumbs Up

Comments: Trenton, NJ (609) 392-7865

SALES-MSRP. Waiting lists long, but honest. Refundable deposit ($200). Bikes ordered stock; you
choose your own chrome, colors, etc. Don't try to high-pressure you into buying something you really
didn't want.

SERVICE-Apparently excellent; have fixed problems other dealers (the sellers of the bike) couldn't.
Been around a long time.

PERSONNEL-Friendly and knowledgeable. Will invite you into the maintenance area to look-see and
shoot the shit. Don't push their small boutique, though will (justifiably) defend the quality of the stuff.
Will order non-boutique stuff; actually tried to match the local Honda dealer's sales price on a First Gear
jacket for me (i.e., little or no profit for them to do this). Display an obvious distrust of Yuppies.

OVERALL-Class act. I give them the gold medal for my area.