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Note: I have a very strong feeling that the days of the Harley Fad are quickly coming to an end. Hopefully all dealers will realized this soon and remember that the customers are what they are there for.

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Dealer:Edison Harley State:NJ Overall rating:Thumbs Up

Comments: (actually in Highland Park)

Just off Route 1, north of New Brunswick, NJ (908) 985-7546

set price ($2000 for BT, $1500 for 1200 and $1000 for 883) that they tack on to MSRP.

SALES-For this outfit, MSRP is a theoretical concept. They claim they have no real waiting lists; if
you're willing to pay a few thousand dollars extra, they'll get you the bike. Sales people don't want to talk
to you if you say "MSRP"; they will suggest you go some where else. They actually gouged a friend to
the tune of $1500 to "expedite" the delivery of her sporty by a couple of months. Enormous boutique.
Very little iron on the floor.

SERVICE-Nothing to speak about.

PERSONNEL-Aloof. Don't want to talk. Give out factory brochures reluctantly.

OVERALL-I used to deal with them until they went "Boo-Tek" However, I stopped using them due to
their overall snobbishness. But, since I had some problems with William's, I was forced into using them. I
was surprise to find that they are getting back to basics. I have now switched shops to Edison and will
use them.