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Here's what I do - and I've checked it on the electronic machines and it works just fine.  (And BTW it's the way they do it on the NASCAR circuit I'm told).

Turn the wheels so that they "look" like they are parallel and pointed forward.  See if the steering wheel is centered - if it's not, center it and tie it down and adjust the left front wheel to point straight ahead (with the left tie-rod).  Then adjust the right tie-rod to a visual "straight ahead and parallel position.

Take a tape measure and measure at the rear of the front tires - from the same spot/same tread groove,i.e. stretch the tape from one side of the car to the other. Note the measurement.

Then measure from the same place in the front .

If you want 1/2" toe in (for example) turn the tierods EQUALLY until your front measurement is 1/2" less than the rear, remembering that as you narrow the front you widen the rear measurement.

There is actually a simple tool for doing this - a long rod with sliding pointers.  You can also use a long pipe clamp and measure the distance between the clamps - but a steel tape measure works just as well.

Good Luck