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Hot water with radiators, AC mounted outside and fed through openings in
ceiling, dehumidification system.
Tile, rustic. I will install this myself because I like doing that sort of
thing, good therapy. It will be installed on a subfloor which will cover ss
pipe housing electrical wire for a few floor outlets. The current floor is
uncracked and a barrier will be put in for heat retention
Currently cinder block, I will build out with 2X6's (filled with insulation)
and plaster walls to provide a backing for a brick interior finish. I may go
with metal studs depending on the local code. All wiring to be hidden.
Undecided, except that it will be white. I like the old pressed tin. May go
with that.
Lighting fixtures-
Since little, if any work, will be done in here I will visit the local IKEA
store for ideas.
Assembly Area-
Wood floor (one bay), probably chestnut with bench and 5 inch Wilton vice
(which I found last week)... Bench to be 6X6 oak legs and stringers with a
2.5" maple butcher block top. Craftsman 8" grinder, bench mounted drill
press, and Lista tool cabinets.
Fire extinguishers every 10 feet or so. Extra lighting.
This will be a "greaseless" area as much as possible.
An old factory air horn (145 dB rated) solenoid operated hooked to a 250 gal
air tank, along with a 4 flashing strobes (go ahead, get caught in there...)
and a few other tricks I learned from my days at....
Wooden floors. Old roll top desk with old adding machine, dial phone, and
1954 Esquire calendar, etc. Fax, modem, phone, cable lines. I'm still trying
to figure out how to use my old Philco Predicta TV as a computer monitor...
Old book cases to house manuals.
If you think that this will cost a fortune, you're wrong. I am the tightest
SOB ever made. Most of the stuff was found. The bench top came from my ex
wife who wanted to change counter tops. Most of the wood is from buildings
that are being torn down.
The local mill shop will plane the wood at a modest charge. The bricks are
about $200. per 1000 in Chicago. Radiators are usually free if hauled away.
Tools are usually old with new bearings installed. Check the local auctions
for car dealers, service stations, etc. that are going out of business or
moving for really good deals. Same with school district auctions. A little
cleaning, a little blasting, a little paint, and the thing will look like new.
The tiles and Lista cabinets are killers to the wallet however.
I use the McMaster-Carr, Grainger, Johnson Supply, Woodhead, and Northern
catalogs for main inspiration.
Next...... the shop area. Where the real money is spent.