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Black RTV: general purpose, good all around, water pumps etc.
Blue: Most oil resistant, best on oil pans, timing covers etc
Red: Hi temp, good for intakes etc.
Copper: very high temp, also somewhat oil resistant: very good all around.
Can be used in place of exhaust gaskets for headers.

I try to keep both the blue and copper on-hand. Between the two, they can
handle any sealing job.

BTW Permatex also makes some stuff in a can. Can't think of the name off
hand. You squirt it out of the can just like cheese in a can. It's usful
if you are doing an entire engine rebuild. There is just enough in the can
to do a whole engine. (At least a SBF). It's not cheap at $11 per can,
but it is easy to work with. It is firmer than regular RTV. Squirt it out,
let it sit for a minute or two and then you can actually move it around
without smearing it.

Follow up....

I'm surprised you couldn't get all the info you needed from the Permatex
website. At ther very least you should try to get ahold of the full Permatex
But, in general:

Blue - original, standard apps without Oxygen sensor. Oil pans, valve
Black - pretty much like Bue, just different color.
Super Blue - oxygen sensor safe. Use like blue or black.
Orange - hot applications - header flanges.
Copper - even hotter.
Grey - I think this is a minor variation to fit a GM spec number.

If you are going to have to separate the joint routinely, and re-assemble
it a little oily, then Hylomar is still the only choice. Best representative
Hylomar application is Hewland gear changes.

Rex Burkheimer