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I've had several questions about my rocks.... and rather then plug my own
products... I'd rather just do a generalization of the product lines

Lightweight Concrete stone products have been available since the 50's... they
are mortared on to a block wall or attached to a Lathe backing... think of it
like hanging real Stucco or tile......

There are many products available in the market place... the Cadillac being
Cultured Stone products which are available from Owens Corning... most
regions of the country have local manufactures like myself.... Mom and Pops
that make stone and sell it within a couple of states.... If you go to you can see a basic line of what I make.... better then that
if you go to the shop section of the Camaro's website you can see my home shop
and the stone around the bottom of it....

The beauty of the stone is that it's a permanent material that simply requires
no maintenance.... well I washed mine last week with a pressure washer to get
off some mold.... but the vinyl siding had the same problem on that side of
the shop.

it's neat stuff....