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Dirt is my drug of choice!
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Well, if you got here from my main page (Inchville) you've seen the "Geek's Creed."  This is MY way of life.  In general, it means NEVER being satisfied with the way things are.  So here are 2 little inventions that I've made to carry my mountain bike.  One is for a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  The other is for a Jeep Cherokee.  If you are interested in either (or if you have an invention that needs a prototype) let me know.  I love the challenge!

Harley Bike Rack V 2.0

Jeep Cherokee Bike Rack V1.0

After many weeks of driving my truck on beautiful days instead of my Harley, 'cause I was going some place to ride my mountain bike, I did something about it. I made a bike rack for the Harley. Here are some pictures of the prototype. I'll post better pictures (and design diagrams) once I tweak the design to a finished product.  In the current design, installation and removal can be done without any tools! As soon as I find someone that can draw, I'll post the blueprints of the bike rack here.  I used my "trash bike" to test the rack out.
Things to note,

·        The mount allows for a passenger to still ride on the Harley when I have a bike in the rack.

·        The whole rack can be installed/ removed without tools.

·        The rack does not touch the ground on tight turns (the floorboards still hit first.)

·        The whole thing was made from scrap pieces I had around the garage.

Here are the pics…

Here is a side view

Here is a birds eye view

Rear View

This is a very simple design.  I somewhat stole the idea from the new Xterra SUVs.   However, theirs mounts inside the truck.  Mine is freestanding so I can just pull it out when I get where I am going and have a bike stand as well.  I'm working on a aluminum one that can fold up easy.


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