Motorcycle Electrical Troubleshooting Flowchart

It has been a while since I’ve tried to write an HTML flowchart.  So I decided to put one together.  It’s a pretty definitive flowchart of trouble shooting a motorcycle’s electrical system.  This is free for anyone to use.  I hope you enjoy it!

While I’ve done a ton of research for it, it may be incomplete or incorrect.  Please feel free to send me any corrections to the flowchart.




VERY IMPORTANT: This faultfinding chart assumes that the user has knowledge of the basics of electricity (Voltage, current, resistance, etc.), and about electrical systems on motorcycles in general.  If you do not have this knowledge/experience, find someone that has and let her/him check the charging-system on the bike.  The use of this faultfinding chart is entirely at the risk of the user.  The author cannot be held responsible for any damage that could arise from the use of this faultfinding chart.


Ø      Fully charge the battery.  If the battery is not fully charged you may get wrong results using this faultfinding chart. You could just replace it with a battery off another motorcycle that has a good functioning charging-system.

Ø      Use an accurate digital multimeter! 

Ø      RR means Regulator/Rectifier. 

Ø      This whole faultfinding chart only works if you have a bike with a combined regulator and rectifier (= regulator/rectifier) in a single case.



Suzuki used on the older GS models three different colors for the three output-wires of the stator.  They were the only manufacturer doing this. The only reason for this can be to cause confusion, because the output of all the three wires is the same.  The colors on the wires from the stator are Yellow, White/blue and White/green.  On the Suzuki RR for these models we're talking: Yellow, White/blue and White/red. JUST THINK THEM ALL BEING YELLOW, and then go on with the tests below.




On to the Flowchart!



Note, if you are having problems seeing the image from the above link, you can D/L the three pages of this flow chart in Gif Raster format.  Right click and save them locally.  Then you can resize them or print them as needed.

Here they are…

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


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