Section:Phone Solicitors
Brief Description of Tip:Anonymous Call Blocking

Tip on fighting back:
Easy tip here. Call your phone and ask for "Anonymous Call Blocking." Tell them you want it. Activate it on your phone (you may have to dial in a code to start it) if you have to and forget about it.

What it does...
Anonymous Call Blocking prevents anyone from calling you from a phone that is using a "Anonymous Block" on their phone.
In simple terms, almost every phone company now sends the phone number and users information with each call. If you have Caller ID, this is where you get the info from. By using "Anonymous Blocking," you don't send the info to the party you are calling. Most telephone solicitors use this feature for obvious reasons. Anonymous Call Blocking does NOT allow these calls to even ring on your end, the caller simply gets a message that you are not receiving calls that are "Anonymously Blocked."

This alone can reduce the amount of phone solicitors by 90% or more!