Section:Phone Solicitors
Brief Description of Tip:Put the solicitor on hold

Tip on fighting back:
Here is a great tip that I modified from another tip I heard.

When the caller starts with their pitch, let them get to the first pause. Then ask them to hold on while you turn the TV or radio down. Now, this is the fun part. See how long they will "hold on for." Just go back to whatever you were doing when you got the call. After about 5 minutes, pick up the phone and see if they still are on the line. If not, hang up the phone. If they are, I always use this line...

<in a nice voice> "I'm sorry for wasting your time, <shouting> just like you should be sorry for wasting my time!" (then I hang up!) It works great. The best part about this is that you are wasting their time, so they are NOT able to call others. They can make less calls per shift. In return, we all GET less calls!