Brief Description of Tip:Tips for making travel fun!

Tip on fighting back:

I thought that I would share some tips that I have found out while traveling. (Note: some of these are in jest)

Want to speed through the metal detectors at the airport? Here are some quick tips. Before you get to the metal detector, place all of your metal items in your bags. (i.e. keys, pagers, coins) That way, you can walk through the detector without having you empty your pockets in the trays and then collect everything up again. Walk through the metal detector as close to dead center as possible. If you are wearing a belt buckle, hold your hands over it. This will reduce the amount of times the metal detector "rings." Also, if you place your laptop bag on the metal detector so that the laptop is standing on edge, the personnel viewing the bags will most likely NOT see the laptop (due to the narrow profile.) This means that they will not ask you to turn it on.

Need to catch a plane, but no time to eat. Or maybe you can never decide whether to order the chicken or pasta on the flight. Well, if you are like me, those little airline meals just don't cut it. Here is what I do. Almost always the seat next to me is empty. So, when the flight attendants start handing out the meals, I flip the tray table in the seat next to me down as well as my own. When the flight attendant comes, I simply state that my friend would like a meal and he is in the rest room. There you have it, two meals for the price of one, or maybe just a variety on meal options.

Want to get a free upgrade but don't have enough miles? Here is a tip that can often earn you a free upgrade.
Get a little red circle sticker (about a 1/4 in diameter.) Place it over the picture of your nose on your drivers license. When you hand the license to the person at the counter, quickly slip a clown nose over your own nose as they are looking at the picture. They will see the dot on your nose and look up at you and then see you wearing a clown nose. It's always worth a laugh, and sometimes yields a free upgrade. (note: this may possibly get you out of a ticket the next time you are pulled over as well, but I'm not responsible if you get arrested instead!) 8>)

When giving your name for a table at a crowded restaurant, always use the name "Wilde." That way, when the hostess calls your table, they will say, "Wild party of three." Again, always worth a chuckle when everyone looks up to see who these people are.

Well, I hope these prove to be helpful next time you are on the road.

Eric "The trouble with trouble is it starts out as fun!"

"The human spirit knows no bounds!"