Section:Door to Door Sales
Brief Description of Tip:Self Defense

Tip on fighting back:
Many states have laws that say if someone is in your home, you are justified at using force against the intruder. Note, this is a gray area when it comes to door-to-door salespeople. As long as you didn't invite them, they are trespassers, however, they aren't "inside" your home at the door. (this, of course depends on your home's layout)

If you have an enclosed porch or sunroom that people need to into the knock on your door, the salesperson is now in your home! Also note, if you are a smaller person or female, the law will be more tolerable if you use this tips then a large male.

If they are outside, you must communicate your desire for them to leave and give them "reasonable" time to do so.
What I do (and I'm a large male) is keep a baseball bat at my door. When someone comes to my house selling something, I pull out the bat and say...
"You are trespassing on my property and I feel threaten, I'll give you until the count of 5 to leave my property. If you don't I'll be forced to protect myself."

I don't think I ever counting to "3" on one of those countdowns! Also note, after the second person, I NEVER have had another door-to-door salesperson at my house.