An open letter of thanks for those people responsible for the Terrorist attacks on Sept 11th, 2001.


I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for the acts of cowardly terrorist perpetrated on American soil.


I want to thank you for opening the eyes of my fellow brothers and sisters in my Nation.  Before this act, many were lost in the minor problems of their lives.  They were unaware of the horror in the world.  Your acts helped them “sit up and take notice” of the events in the world.  They are now more aware of the world around them.


I want to thank you for the inconvenience that you caused us.  I now see that the citizens of America, when faced with major tragedies, will come together to support one another.  We have blood banks across the nation, turning people away because there are so many people donating blood.  We have the Mayor of NYC asking people to NOT volunteer because the city is overwhelmed by the amount of people, willing to sacrifice their own lives to do whatever, no matter how little or great, they can to help.


I want to thank you for solidifying my Nation’s government.  It is a beautiful thing to see the two sides, which are very diametrically opposed, come together to support anything the President needs.  Passing whatever bills are necessary to ensure that our Nation, as a whole, will hunt down and punish all responsible parties involved with these acts.


Beyond our own Nation, I want to thank you for bringing all Nations of the world together.  The US has seen acts of kindness from some of the most unlikely sources as a result of your acts.  Countries like China, Cuba, and Russia, who we had very strained relationships with prior to September 11th, are now expressing their condolences to the US and vowing to give whatever support the US needs.  These nations, along with all the long time allies of the US, will help ensure that there is NO PLACE that you can hide.  I hope you are really willing to die for your beliefs, because the US, along with the world, will see to it.


I want to thank you for helping us reshape the most recognizable city skyline in the world.  While the memory of those towers will remain in everyone’s minds forever, you are giving us a chance to rebuild it better than it was before.  A chance for us to rethink what we want and make it stronger, and better than what it was.


I want to thank you for helping our military to train.  In a few weeks, our military machine will be crushing any and all groups responsible for these acts.  Whether it’s a small cell or an entire country, this will provide the military with valuable “real world” training that we can use to improve our tactics and create an even MORE effective military force. 


I want to thank you for helping so many Americans find a sense of spiritual self.  As a result of your actions, many people, who have forgotten their religions began to pray, meditate, or whatever.  Bringing them back to a spiritual relationship that they may have lost in the hustle and bustle of their lives.  Our churches opened to droves of people who wanted to pray.  People of all types of religions prayed together, side by side.  (I also want to thank you for reminding me that this Nation is founded on that very idea.)


I want to thank you for helping us put ours lives in perspective.  Many of us couldn’t always see the ‘forest through the trees’.  We let petty differences hamper our lives.  Moving forward, we now have an event to think about when we are faced with one of these “minor” challenges.  When we remembered how we over came this event, any small obstacle will be a mere inconvenience.


I want to thank you for helping us find some holes in our security.  You exposed some weak points of our air travel system with your actions.  I assure you these will be fixed immediately.  This will ensure that you can never recreate an attack like this.  That takes a lot of your power away.  Thanks again, especially for that!


In the end, in seems almost unfair for you.  I mean you tried to hurt us.  You only helped us grow stronger.  You may think that you “won,” but the truth is that you will never see this letter.  Because right now, your very lives can be measured in hours.  Our Nation, working together, can, AND WILL, find you, and punish you in a manner fitting to your actions.


Thank you again for all your help.  I regret that you will not live to see the stronger America you helped create.


Eric “Inch” Petrevich


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